Kiroco Touch was developed to strengthen the connection between emotion and the giving of jewelry.

By using the modern day love of technology and reigniting the sentiment that is associated with the gift of jewelry Kiroco Touch has been able to take jewelry into the yet unexplored dimensions of heartfelt messages of love and emotion locked into the jewelry for eternity. A place where messages are limited only by one’s own imagination and the creative, emotional, tender side of human beings can once more be explored and expressed. These messages can also be Timelined, stored in a chronological order, allowing you to read the messages time and time again.

Messages of love, friendship, special memories, wishes for future happiness and memories from the past can all be locked into and associated with a beautiful piece of jewelry. With a simple ‘touch’ of their smartphone to their Kiroco jewelry, your sentiments and life come to life in words, video or a photo. They see, hear and feel exactly what is in your heart.

So let your gift reflect your true emotions and ‘touch’ the one you love with Kiroco Touch jewelry.