Once the Kiroco app has been installed onto a smartphone the following features are available.

For all the features there is a free service where each message received is overwritten by the next message, or a Timeline Service allowing all messages to be stored, which is subscribed for in the app at 99p a month.

 one to one message sending

One to One
This allows you to buy an item of jewelry for another person and send messages to that piece of jewelry.

Messages can be: text, photo or video (10seconds)

 Many to one message sending

Many to One
This allows multiple people to send messages to one piece of jewelry.
Typically this item of jewelry will be purchased by:
- a person for themselves and then they allow others to send them messages, or
- a group of friends / family / colleagues as a present to someone so they can all send messages.

Messages can be: text, photo or video (10seconds)

store messages on your safe

My Safe
This allows you to save content from your smartphone to your piece of jewelry. The benefit of storing personal information (eg passwords, PIN numbers, important emails / notes or photos holding special memories) is that they are all held in one location securely and can't be viewed should you lose your phone.

Content can be: photos, texts, emails, messages, notepad entries and other personal items on your smartphone.