Do you have a business where you’d like to talk to your clients and customers and communicate important updates to them? At Kiroco we realize the importance of being able to communicate emotions through jewelry and have included a range which can be used for promotional and corporate activities.

Just imagine you’re organizing a music festival. We know festival goers like to wear the entrance wristband so why not offer attendees with NFC smartphones the exclusive opportunity to register for an event promotional wristband. As the festival organizer you could then send messages to these attendees to advise them of updates before, during and after the event.

promotion possibilities

For example messages could include which group is due to play on a certain stage in 10 minutes, updates on public conveniences, discounts at specific food / drink outlets and even receive exclusive event photos and video clips.

Most importantly all of these messages could be seen at a later date as a memory of the festival meaning the attendee would continue to wear the wristband, until the next annual event, where the same wristband could be used again. Or you may be a charity wanting to generate funds from the sales of the bands, or you can use them to communicate important messages to the wearers.

If you would like to discuss opportunities for using Kiroco’s emotional technology in promotional silicone wristbands to communicate to your customers or clients then contact us directly.