Getting started with Kiroco jewelry is easy – just follow these quick set up instructions. (More in depth instructions are below if required).

Install the Kiroco app and register
register at kiroco

● Turn your Smartphone’s NFC on in Settings

● Install the Kiroco app from the Google Play Store

● Open the Kiroco app on your phone and follow the prompts to register

● If you only want to send messages select the send option in the registration process to send messages straight away. (You don’t need your NFC on to send messages.)

● Select a nickname to be linked to your jewelry. If you have multiple pieces of Kiroco jewelry it helps to identify it

Touch your Kiroco jewelry to view
your Safe, messages and Timeline

touch your kiroco jewelry to vies messages

● If you are using the jewelry for your personal items, go to ‘My Safe’ and start putting items in to keep them private, safe and secure

● You can view all messages you receive in ‘My Timeline’

● To send messages to someone’s jewelry, simply press the ‘Send Message’ button, register their Smartphone number, write your message and press ‘Send’

Getting started with Kiroco jewelry – in depth instructions.