Using Touch FAQs

Who can Touch their jewelry to unlock the messages?

Anyone who has an NFC enabled smartphone (see the list on our website).

Which platforms can read Kiroco jewelry?

Kiroco jewelry supports android smartphones, the most widely deployed smartphone platform in the world.
We are currently looking at ways in which to extend use to other platforms including iPhone, Windows and Blackberry will be considered in the future.
If you are using an Iphone 4, 4s,5 or 5S, you may purchase an NFC activated Phone case to view private messaging for Kiroco Products.

Can I send messages from Windows phones, Blackberrys or iPhones?

Yes messages can be sent using all smartphones, tablets and PCs.
There is a website / mobile app that you log onto to send messages.

How do I ensure I can read the messages?

You simply go to your phone settings and turn the NFC on.

Where is the NFC reader on my smartphone?

The location of the NFC reader differs on all phones, but in general is in the centre back of the phone.

Will my mobile phone case affect the signal?

Some thicker phone cases have been seen to reduce the effectiveness of the Kiroco message transfer.
Most slim-line cases can be used and in addition Kiroco intend to sell a line of specially designed phone cases that compliment the Kiroco jewelry.

What is unique about the way Kiroco can be used to send messages to loved ones?

Instant messaging and social media are everywhere, but they are very impersonal. No one is likely to send an important emotional message to be cherished via an instant messaging service. However, with Kiroco a message can be embedded within a piece of jewelry and then stored securely forever more, making the message personal, emotional and timeless.

This is a very different proposition to what is offered by social media and instant messaging. What's more, messages sent to Kiroco jewelry can only be opened using the phone that is authorised to view them, making them private and secure between the sender and receiver.

How do I send messages to the Kiroco jewelry?

You go to a website (. or our mobile app (which is free), login and send your message, photos or video.

Do I just touch the Kiroco jewelry with the smartphone?

Yes all you have to do is touch the registered smartphone’s NFC reader on the jewelry’s K symbol to see the messages.

What is the difference between the standard service and Kiroco Timeline?

The standard service overwrites messages when a new message arrives, whilst the Kiroco Timeline will store all your messages like a time capsule.
The standard service is free with all jewelry and there is an annual subscription for the Kiroco Timeline

Can I upgrade to the Kiroco Timeline at a later time?

Yes if the purchaser of the Touch jewelry only takes the standard service, then the jewellery recipient can upgrade to the Timeline.
When the second message is sent to the jewelry the recipient will be notified that the first message will be overwritten if they open the second message or that they can upgrade at that point or any point in future to Kiroco Timeline to ensure all messages are kept.

How are the messages stored?

They are stored using highly secure Cloud storage facilities.

Who can send messages to my Kiroco jewelry?

Only one person is allowed to send to an item of jewelry, typically this will be the person who initially gifted the item.
Upon receipt of an item of Kiroco jewelry the wearer is given the power to decide who can send messages to it and, at any time, they can also change who they want to grant access to send messages to their jewelry if they wish.

Can anyone else access the messages, photos or videos on my Kiroco jewelry?

No. Kiroco is a secure, private messaging service.
Only your mobile phone can see the messages when it is touched on the jewelry.

What can I send in my message?

Kiroco messages can contain up to 140 characters of text and one picture or one video up to 10 seconds long.

How do I see the full Kiroco range?

To see our current range, please visit

How do I purchase the Kiroco jewelry?

You can buy online at

What happens if I lose my jewelry or I change my phone number?

If the jewelry gets lost, replacement jewellery can be purchased and if you have Kiroco Timeline all the old messages will be transferred onto the new jewelry.
The phone number that is allocated to the jewelry can be updated on the account.